Ian McKellen Gets Honored With An Auction & Some Ridiculously Awesome Art

Have you ever wondered what it might look like to have a hand-painted portrait of actor Ian McKellen hanging on your living room wall? I haven’t either, but the thought of it is quite intriguing. With his latest movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past freshly out in theaters, you may have thought McKellen in 3D was exciting enough, but now the non-profit group Geeks OUT is honoring Ian McKellen in art form in New York City.

The self-proclaimed geeky LGBT group is holding the event “McKellen Me Softly,” a one-night art show and party to celebrate the gay actor. The art show will have an auction with over two dozen original pieces of artwork all of which will use McKellen as the focus.

This consists of anything from a wood felt, fiber, and polymer clay statue McKellen in his role as Gandalf, titled Traveler Cleverly Disguised as Ian McKellen as Gandalf the Grey, to various illustrations of McKellen as Magneto. So if you've been trying to find the perfect sketch or painting of this actor to hang next to your Picasso or simply to place in your shrine, this event is definitely worth attending. (And if you can't attend, at least check out photos of the art because they are epic.)