'Pretty Little Liars' A Theories: The Season Premiere Frenzy Has Us Gathering Clues

It's time to step up your A game, Pretty Little Liars fans. The new season of Pretty Little Liars premieres June 10 and from the promos it looks like we are one step closer to finding out A's identity... err, sort of. In the Season 4 finale, we saw Ezra confront a masked A, telling the torturous texter that he knew his (or her!) true identity. Unfortunately for the liars (not to mention the fans) A shot Ezra before he could reveal the big secret, leaving A's true identity once again up for debate.

There's no need to worry, Ezria fans — Ezra will survive the gunshot wound. But just because Ezra will be back doesn't necessarily mean that he'll be able to give us all of our "A-nswers." Ezra could easily have lost his memory from the night of the shooting, completely forgetting that he knew A's identity at all. Even if Ezra does remember who A is, there's no guarantee that he's right — how many times have the liars been dead wrong about their own A guesses in the past? The bottom line is that there's no way that Ezra will be able to tell us who the real A is — what would the point of Season 5 be if not for frustrating us with red herrings and crazy new suspects?

So who is A? We may not know for sure for quite some time, but that doesn't mean that fans don't have their own theories on the matter. Here are the Rosewood residents who made the A suspect list this season.


He may have a hot accent and look like a Disney prince, but that doesn't make this UK import any less shady. He was one of the few PLL characters not seen in the finale and has always taken a rather odd interest in the little liars. Hitting on underage girls (including his ex's sister) is creepy, but that's not the only reason this guy is a top A suspect. His prescription pad showed up in A's lair and he definitely knows more about the whole Alison conspiracy than he is letting on. (Remember that bizarre drawing of red coat and his very weird conversation with Mona during their session in Radley?) This guy is far from the wide-eyed innocent Brit that he appears to be, which means he could also be A.


And the list of hot A suspects just keeps expanding. Jason may be Alison's brother, but they didn't always have the warmest sibling relationship. Sure, he's been a grieving brother since Alison faked her death, but what if that was all an act? We know that Jason has been keeping something from Spencer when it was revealed that he lied about going to rehab and that something could be his spot on the A-Team.


Lucas was bullied by Alison for years. He wasn't shy about his dislike of Alison even after her apparent death — he destroyed her memorial and made it pretty clear that he didn't think death absolved her of her evil-ish actions. Mona blackmailed him into briefly joining the A-Team, but what if it was Lucas who was the mastermind behind A this whole time? He could have been hiding his A-status by pretending to be one of Mona's puppets. He's smart enough to pull it off and angry enough to go through with it.

Spoilers for the Pretty Little Liars book series ahead.

Alison's Twin

Many fans believe that Alison DiLaurentis has a secret twin — a theory lifted directly out of the Pretty Little Liars book series. In the books, Alison had a secret twin named Courtney who stole her identity and had Alison locked in a mental institution in her place. While the PLL producers have stated that they aren't exploring that particular theory, there's always the chance that they have stated that to lead our minds away from the identity of the ultimate A. Alison having a secret twin would explain Alison's rapid personality changes (she'd be two different people, after all) and would explain the bizarre conversation that Alison's mother was having on the phone the night she disappeared. It could be that Mrs. D was talking to someone about Alison's twin's escape from a mental institution.

Jason's Twin

Crazy, right? But when you consider what Jason having a twin would mean, it actually makes a whole lot of sense. Jason's twin would be related to both Spencer and Alison, explaining Spencer's father's very shady behavior with Mrs. DiLaurentis. It would also explain the weird personality shifts that Jason goes through on the daily. Like Alison, Jason seems to have two personalities — sometimes he's protective and brotherly towards Spencer, and other times he's cold and aloof — and having a secret twin would explain why he wasn't always, uh, himself.

Jenna, Noel, Paige, or Someone Else Entirely

Yeah, yeah. We've already explored these guys in depth and have basically ruled them out as A suspects... or did we? What would be even more surprising than having a random twin pop up on Pretty Little Liars would be to reveal that A was under our noses this entire time. Is it likely? Probably not. But until we find out the real identity of A, we have to consider everyone and anyone a suspect, right?

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