'Doctor Who's Peter Capaldi Featured In New Teaser for Summer Season — VIDEO

It's been a little while since we checked in with Doctor Who 's favorite Time Lord, but now the clock's officially ticking down to when the Doctor will officially return to our world (and many others). He'll also be in a new form — that of Peter Capaldi — which means we've pretty much got a whole new person to get to know.

In the meantime we've got a new teaser to get to know. On the bright side, it's not that difficult to get to know this teaser, because it's only about fifteen seconds long. On the downside, this teaser's only about fifteen seconds long and doesn't show us much other than that Capaldi's Doctor looks intimidating and exists in corporeal form.

There are some things we can infer from that, but they're hardly things we didn't infer before: Capaldi's Doctor will be older and more hard-edged than Matt Smith's floppy Eleven. He'll probably harken a bit back to the vibe we got with Christopher Eccleston's Nine, but hopefully he'll also strike out to make his own mark on the franchise.

Really what we learned from this trailer, though, is when we can expect to actually witness Capaldi's Doctor for ourselves. That'd be August. Prepare yourselves.

Image: BBC