Jennifer Lawrence Is A "Jennifer" Expert

Jennifer Lawrence knows her Jennifers. Last Friday, J-Law appeared on Live With Kelly and Michael where she totally dominated an impromptu game of "Name That Jen" and showed everyone that she is a Jennifer expert. Kelly Ripa quizzed J-Law on her knowledge of famous people named Jennifer and she was definitely, as J-Law put it, "killing it" (or rather, as J-Law really put it, "I'M KILLING IT!"). The game got kind of intense for a minute there when J-Law was either surprised by her knowledge of Jennifer trivia or really excited to be winning (probably just really excited to be winning) and got kind of loud and shouty, as she does (in a totally endearing way, of course). J-Law seems like the kind of person who would get overly invested in a game of Cards Against Humanity, which is why we love her.

"Name That Jen" concludes with the most lovable famous Jen of all: J-Law herself, as she has now been inducted into the unofficial Hollywood Celebrity Jennifer Hall Of Fame. Jennifer Lawrence can now add "extensive knowledge of other Hollywood celebrities named Jennifer" to her resume, which is probably already really crowded by things like "really good at starring in movies", "queen of GIFs", and "EVERYONE ON TUMBLR LOVES ME".

Also, she has a standing invitation to a game night with us, anytime.