Who Is The Band Playing For Andi & Chris on The Bachelorette? This Wild Life Are Kinda Punk

The limo introductions have happened, the First Impression Rose has been given, and the first round of eliminations has broken six hopeful hearts. This can only mean one thing: The Bachelorette is back in season. And now that the second episode is well underway, Andi is officially getting to know Chris better — in the middle of one of the coolest dates ever. I mean, who wouldn't want to go to a private concert at a racetrack?

I know what you're thinking: "Who are these fools performing, and why couldn't they get Beyonce?" It's what I'm thinking, too. But this is The Bachelorette, not the Super Bowl, so what we got is a band called This Wild Life. And if you have no idea who they are, don't worry — I'm here to fill you in.

This Wild Life is made up of punk rockers Kevin Jordan and Anthony Del Grasso, who met when they worked at the same music store in Long Beach, California. From there, they developed their sound, worked on a few EPs together, and were eventually signed to Epitaph Records. Their first full-length album, Clouded, is out Tuesday — which means it makes a lot of sense that they're on The Bachelorette Monday, promoting their music.

Although many — including me — may not have heard of their band until tonight, Kevin and Anthony's Facebook following is nothing to scoff at. They've already garnered over 94,000 likes, and their yet-to-be-released album is getting rave reviews from Alternative Press:

It's amazing that this album never gets cloying or annoying, given the sensitive-guy near-falsetto vocals (they soar like a leaf floating in the wind, and they sound great) and the whole acoustic premise behind the band. Really, the vocals are one of the duo's strongest points, but the entertaining and skillful guitar work is right up there, as is the songwriting dynamics and arrangement prowess. In other words, everything about this one is a winner.

In case you want to hear what the band sounds like outside of The Bachelorette (read: dance the night away like Andi and Chris), you can download their music on iTunes.

Like what you hear? You can catch This Wild Life on Warped Tour this summer, should you be daring enough to enter the land of blood, sweat, tears, and $8 bottles of water.

Images: ABC, Thiswildlifeband.com