Emma Watson Has This in Common With Tyra Banks

by Jenny Jaffe

We may not know her personally, but we are SO proud of Hollywood's sweetheart/fashion icon/our dream BFF Emma Watson for graduating from Brown University with a degree in English this weekend! In fact, we're proud of ALL of the 2014 graduates- you just finished four years of crazy hard work, and no matter what post-grad life brings you (and no matter how hopeless it may seem at times, because trust me, we've all been there, and we all get through it eventually), you're now officially one big step closer to achieving your dreams!

Bling Ring star Watson is already busy filming next year's Regression, but we hope she takes some time off to relax and celebrate- after all, it's not easy simultaneously taking midterm exams and promoting Noah. I mean, seriously, how did she not collapse from exhaustion?

In addition to multiplying our girl crushes on her by roughly a thousand, Watson has also just joined the ranks of the A-listers who happen to hold degrees from Ivy League universities. You probably already know (or could have guessed) a few of these celebrity smarties, but I guarantee a few of them will surprise you.

Here are 11 celebrities who graduated from the Ivy League!

Natalie Portman - Harvard

Mindy Kaling - Dartmouth

John Krasinski - Brown

Rashida Jones - Harvard

Tyra Banks - Harvard

Brooke Shields - Princeton

Elizabeth Banks - UPenn

Jane Lynch - Cornell

John Legend - UPenn

Laura Linney - Brown

Meryl Streep - Yale

Because of course- there's nothing Meryl Streep can't do!

Images: giphy.com