'Giuliana & Bill' Is Basically An E! Sanctioned Manual On Being The Best Couple Ever (Sorry, Kimye)

Reality shows are fun to watch because the "stars" of the shows are usually pretty easy to make fun of (a la the bartenders and servers on Vanderpump Rules or any of the Real Housewives), but for some reason Giuliana and Bill Rancic make me want to watch their self-titled show not because they're easy targets, but because they're just so freakin' adorable. Of course, they still do run-of-the-mill reality show-type things, but overall, they're just a hysterical couple living their life as normally as they possibly can... you know, with cameras on them 24/7.

And obviously other people like them just as much because Giuliana & Bill is definitely on its seventh season. That's right — the fabulous couple has been rockin' it out together on E! for almost as long as the Kardashian Klan has been starring in Keeping Up With the Kardashians (that's a long time).

From furnishing their home to raising their son Duke, we've been welcomed into the Rancic's life and home, and man, oh, man has it been one incredibly "aww"-worthy ride of cuteness. Check out all of reasons Giuliana and Bill are hands down one of the best couples ever:

1. They have normal family rules.

Look at Bill settin' down the law.

2. They insult each other (all in the name of love).

With the things Giuliana says on their show, I'm going to side with Bill on this one.

3. They genuinely look like they enjoy spending time with each other.

Just look at those smiles. Obviously he's having a great birthday.

4. They're a team.

They're both extremely successful in their own rights and, therefore, seriously busy, so they have to make sure to work together. Giuliana is basically the Queen of E! and Bill just started hosting the new Food Network show Kitchen Casino.

5. The fight like a normal married couple.

Whether they're arguing over where Duke will go to preschool or who will get the bigger closet in the house, they manage to kiss and makeup in the end.

6. They run together.

Look at them being all cute and exercising together. And look at Bill letting Giuliana take selfies of herself.

7. They support each other.

Whether it's about their family, their jobs, or their hobbies, they're there for each other.

8. They like having family time.

Their son Duke is their everything.

9. They're adorableness has transferred to their son.

I'm sorry, but is that not one of the cutest kids you've ever seen?

10. She tells him (and the world) that she thinks he's hot.

Is it just me or does he get hotter with age? #birthdayboy

11. They take the best Instagram pictures together.

Seriously, who is that photogenic?

12. They're competitive with each other.

While they were in Santa Barbara, they competed in a wine tasting competition. And it got heated.

13. They're goofballs basically all of the time.

I don't think there's been one episode where they're not laughing together, and that's adorable.

14. They played the The Newlywed Game with BuzzFeed and revealed a bajillion more reasons why they're awesome.

If those GIFs don't make you smile from the sheer cuteness that they're exuding, then something is terribly wrong with you.

Images: Bravo/WhatWhatHappensLive; Instagram/giulianarancic (11); E!/Giuliana&Bill; Macey J. Foronda/BuzzFeed