Reddit has a huge selection of novelty accounts floating around. Some, like u/Shitty Watercolor, are beloved for their hilarious and artistic contributions to the content sharing site; others are…well, incredibly disturbing. Happily, u/ICanLegoThat falls into the former category, proven by its latest creations: The creepiest comments from the r/GoneWild subreddit, illustrated in Lego form.

Because that’s what ICanLegoThat does. Known in the real world as Alex Eylar, the guy behind the account builds painstaking recreations of things that catch his eye with plastic Lego bricks. Remember those amazing Lego movie scenes (including the no-gravity fight scene in Inception) that made the rounds a few years ago? That was Eylar. Yesterday, he posted his newest Imgur album to the r/Funny subreddit, and naturally it was only a matter of time before it took off. GoneWild is pretty much what it sounds like: The online equivalent of Girls Gone Wild, minus the presence of Joe Francis. The idea is for women to post revealing or nude images of themselves (many crop out their faces and other identifying information — safety first) and reap the upvotes and lewd comments. I’ve never participated in it, but hey, whatever turns you on. But believe you me, a commenter creepily requesting that the GoneWild poster “Tell me how your pussy tastes” takes on a whole new meaning when it’s being directed at a Lego mini-fig armed with a Lego fork and knife, sitting before a plate with a Lego cat on it.

Unlike Eylar’s Lego movie scenes, though, these images make a pretty powerful statement. Not everyone was terribly pleased about the ICanLegoThat GoneWild creations, the justification being (brace yourselves for some disgustingness) that “posting to GoneWild is asking for creeper comments.” (Ugh, ugh, ugh!). But Eylar had the absolute best responses ready for the naysayers, like:


The “scandalous, sexually charged image,” by the way, is this post in the r/Pics subreddit from a redditor who took a year off of television, Facebook, and everything to get her book published. It’s not GoneWild content, and certainly not something anyone should be commenting “Cleavage detected” on. Well played, ICanLegoThat. Well played, indeed.

According to the Daily Dot, Eylar got his first Lego set when he was give years old; he’s been using them to unleash his creativity ever since. “I’d always been a Lego fan, building whatever I felt like, and I’d always been a movie fan, so a clash was imminent,” he said about his Lego movie scenes in 2012. “I built a few scenes — iconic scenes, things people would recognize — and it just kept going from there.” The results are stunning — and I can’t tell you how awesome I think it is that he’s now using his Master Builder skills to call out creeper behavior.

Check out the whole album here: