Nicki Minaj's "Pills N Potions" Lyric Video Is Vague & Will Make You Think — VIDEO

It figures that even when Nicki Minaj is at her most reflective, she still has to go as hard as possible. The release of her single "Pills N Potions" last week shrugged off that "back to rap" label like it was just a cardigan and proved to be one of her best songs yet. The "Pills N Potions" lyric video that she released over the weekend is, according to Minaj, only the first of two and that's not including the official music video.

In light of the fact that there's a second lyric video on the way, this first one can be forgiven for being a little underwhelming. The title of the song is "Pills N Potions" so naturally we're treated to a lot of close-ups of pills and alcohol beverages, along with a haze of smoke over some of the pictures that adds to the reflective nature of the song. It's somber and simple, just like the song, but ultimately it adds nothing much to the act of simply listening to it.

Perhaps that was Minaj's intention, as "Pills N Potions" is incredibly personal and introspective, and she wants the focus to remain, as it should, on the lyrics of the song. Not every lyric video can be Katy Perry's "Birthday" or 5SOS's "Don't Stop" and "Pills N Potions" isn't necessarily the kind of song that warrants that kind of grandeur. There's still a chance that Minaj is saving the grandeur for the second lyric video, but, until that one comes out, this one works as a fair compliment to the song that inspired it.

Watch the lyric video below.

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