The 16 Types of James Franco Instagrams

by Anna Klassen

The first time we saw James Franco on the big screen he nabbed a supporting role in Drew Barrymore's Never Been Kissed — uttering rufus phrases and being general background eye candy. Now, James Franco is everywhere: From hosting the 2011 Oscars to writing short stories, novels, appearing in plays and of course box office blockbusters, the world is inundated with Franco's presence. But perhaps the most talked about of his performances isn't adorning the silver screen or finding his name on a Barnes & Noble bookshelf, rather his presence on social media. Franco is a top-notch tweeter, but he's an even better Instagrammer, and any of you who follow him at @jamesfrancotv know this to be true.

Unlike other actors who offer lackluster accounts (think screenshots of their latest roles & red carpet events) Franco is truly in charge of his creative image. He Instagrams several times a day, and never falls short of posting a selfie or two. After following the actor on Instagram for a few months now, I couldn't help but notice a few trends in his posts. So before you follow Franco, here's a taste of what to expect: I give you, the 16 types of James Franco Instagrams.

The Standard Selfie

The selfie acknowledging the selfie

The Spider-Man Meme

Paintings of naked male friends

And this is me at the site of one of James' naked paintings (ironically painted with someone who has my name), in the bathroom of a Hollywood bar.

His face amongst the fans

Celebrity Name Puns

Pictures of fans wearing his face

Bed selfies

Shirtless bed selfies

Borderline pornographic selfies

Ryan Gosling addressing James as a Meme

Selfies in drag

#tbt selfies

Seflies with famous friends

Pics promoting his work

Franco will a hodgepodge of famous faces backstage after a Of Mice and Men performance.

Selfies with his students

Images: Instagram/@JamesFrancoTV; Instagram/ @AnnaJKlassen