This Nail Art Trend Will Help You Break Bad Habits

It seems like it was only yesterday that gel manis were impressing us as the cool new thing happening in the nail art world. But with the rise of 3D printing and wearable technology, it was only a matter of time that something would be created for our nail beds. Behold: a customizable, digital nail art trend that uses sensors to track activity, adjust behaviors and provide programmed reminders. Yes, something now exists where a customized buzz will remind you to drop that cigarette you were reaching for. And it's all part of a pretty little manicure.

This genius invention was the brainchild of Kristina Ortega and Jenny Rodenhouse, two MFA candidates at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena that were enrolled in a class called Wearable Ecologies. Ortega and Rodenhouse had been intrigued by the popularity of the nail salon and believed there was a market for wearable tech in the industry.

Ortega and Rodenhouse came up with a service that would be offered as "pop-up shops" in nail salons where customers can come in for a totally customizable digital manicure. "Technology technicians" would outfit client's nails with sensors that were customizable to provide different services, from bio feedback (like tracking your calories) to behavior modifications (like buzzing you to drop the cigarette). These sensors, which would be hidden in a layer of gel nail polish, will then send pulses to the user's fingers providing them with the customized reminders or feedback they had programmed.

Not only is this wearable tech intelligent, it's also super stylish, too. In addition to using nail polish, they hope to mask the sensor in your nail bed with accessories like jewels and kitty cats.

Although this digital nail trend idea is still just a proposal, here's to hoping it won't be too long before it becomes a reality. Because how cool would it be if your nail could remind you to go to the gym and/or record The Bachelorette? Pretty cool, if you ask me.