'I Wanna Marry Harry' Week 2: Matt Hicks Works Really Hard to Convince the Women That He's Royal

Two episodes in and people are still judging the I Wanna Marry Harry contestants for being too gullible to notice that Matt Hicks is not actually Prince Harry. But if this second episode taught us anything, it's that the show actually has to try really, really hard to convince the at-times skeptical girls. While night one was all about setting the scene, week two was all about cementing in the girls' minds that Matt Hicks is a royal. This proved to be harder than you'd think when Kimberly revealed that though she had previously considered that Hicks might really be Harry, by the next morning reality had set in. "I just don't see how they'd let a bunch of crazy American girls around Prince Harry," she wisely notes. Next week is going to be interesting considering our fake royal picked Kimberly to ascend to the crown suite and they will be up close and personal on another dream date.

But until then, Hicks is going to do everything he can to try to convince these girls. Everything except actually just blatantly say that he's Prince Harry. Hicks says this is because he doesn't want to just straight-up lie to the girls (because he's seriously looking for love). I say it's because Fox would get in a lot of legal trouble. Time will tell if Hicks ever drops the biggest hint of all. But while our fake Prince Harry refuses to say he's actually Prince Harry, he is dropping hints left and right in an attempt to keep these women interested.


During his one-on-one time with Rose, he charmingly says, "Well if the date of a royal can't be treated well..."

Rose's big royal-hunting ears perked up. "Date with a royal???" she repeats incredulously.

"Did I just say that?" Hicks says, trying to pretend like it was an accident.

Did his big slip pay off? Well the second Rose got within ear's reach of the other women she quickly relayed this very important fact. It seems it might have been a wise choice to throw that word out, after all.


Hicks announces to the camera ominously, "Throughout this process there will be a few instances thrown in the mix that will keep them gossiping about whether or not I am Prince Harry."

This episode's "instance" was a staged security breach with Prince Harry being dramatically whisked away from the girls by his secret service team. The situation is never fully explained to the women and they are, as predicted, left atwitter.

"His security is not for show," Rose says. Ah, good old Rose, so helpful in keeping Harry's ruse alive.


The group date is a cricket match paired with afternoon tea, so how much more British can this get, right? But since cricket and tea is not owned exclusively by the Royal Family, this date doesn't completely win over the more skeptical girls who still frequently speculate about who exactly he might be. They're pretty convinced that he's important (he has a helicopter) but they're not totally sold that he's the Harry.


Matt Hicks gets the chance to put his prince training to use when a formal dinner complete with a million plates and special spoons and forks is served. "We'll just watch you," one girl says, likely nervous about her etiquette.

"Shit," Matt probably said in his head because exactly one episode ago he called the tiny sherry glass a "shot glass" and got a disapproving glare from Kingsley (who is not a real butler, btw).

At dinner girls got drunk and ate oysters which are pretty royal considering sister-of-a-princess Pippa Middleton once wrote three different articles about oysters for The Telegraph.

The end result of this episode? It's clear that I Wanna Marry Harry is working overtime to make these girls believe that this is Prince Harry, and they may not entirely be succeeding. Will Hicks' cover be blown when biggest skeptic Kimberly gets the one-on-one date next week? We'll have to wait and see. But in the meantime, let's stop calling these girls stupid for believing it's Prince Harry, because not one girl has definitively announced that she 100% believes the lies she's being fed.

Besides if it was working, Hicks wouldn't have to be trying so hard with all his tricks and schemes.

Image: Fox; zbamf; Tumblr/ryanseacrest; huffingtonpost; royalmummyblog