These Musicals Are So Bad They're Good

Sometimes musical theater productions are a thing of beauty: the set is innovative, the acting is top-notch, the costumes are perfectly tailored, and the direction is spot-on. And sometimes they're just...not. To the delight of catty Broadway fans everywhere, a new Tumblr trend (Low Budget Beasts, Low Budget Audrey 2, and Shitty Wigs In Productions of Joseph are a few examples) has sprung up to highlight the shows that don't quite get there. Whether they feature god-awful wigs in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, plasticky Audrey 2 puppets from Little Shop of Horrors, or you're-not-even-trying Beast masks from Beauty and the Beast, these photos will keep you chortling all day.

Whoever the people running these Tumblrs are, they've got killer senses of humor. These are almost as good as Tinder: The Musical (although the shows' directors probably never intended these images to be that way...). According to the genius behind Shitty Wigs in Productions of Joseph, you need three things for a good show: 1) guy with abs, 2) girl who can belt high, and 3) boxes of shitty wigs.


A few of my personal faves are below, along with the Tumblr users' captions:

"We want our Joseph to be handsome."


"Handsome. Get him a handsome wig."

"A handsome wig?”

"Yeah. Like Jane Lynch handsome."

"This cutting-edge Beast, clad in that beloved simulated velvet, has selected the Merida from “Brave” wig for a modern spin on the “tale as old as time.” Compliment this smart ensemble with a pair of “Founding Father” shoes and furry gloves that prohibit all range of hand motion.….The red chest hair, the pathetic fangs flanking his nose, and this actor’s tormented gaze are also worthy of mention."
"If NO ONE in your production knows how to puppeteer, these costume ideas could be your last resort. #hidemyballswithmoss"

And now you will never see another amateur musical without thinking of these low-budget numbers and losing it. You're welcome.

Image credit: Shitty Wigs in Productions of Joseph/Tumblr

Image credit: Low-Budget Beasts/Tumblr

Image credit: Low-Budget Audrey 2/Tumblr