In Other News: July 25, 2013

The only minority juror on George Zimmerman's trial spoke to ABC today, saying she believes Zimmerman "got away with murder." She said she felt she owed an apology to Martin's parents, even though she "knew" that there wasn't enough evidence to prove the State's charge of second-degree murder.

A deadly series of cafe bombings in Iraq killed 42 civilians.

Flailing company BlackBerry fired 250 employees as part of yet another attempt to turn around the company's ailing fortunes.

The Feds are getting very concerned about the bitcoin, which you last heard about as the Winklevoss twins' latest venture. Apparently, terrorists and other lawbreakers can use the form of currency to illegally store funds — and it's near impossible to regulate.

The latest version of Monopoly has abandoned the jail segment of the game. Why? Because kids these days are just too damn busy to hang out in jail while playing games. Seriously.

What are the downsides to your personal sleeping style, asks Mashable?

A luxury cruise ship, the Silver Shadow, has failed its latest CDC health inspection — and that's after employees were reportedly asked to take meat and cheese to their personal rooms to avoid inspection.

Remember George Zimmerman's bizarre rescue of a car accident victim? Conspiracy theories are now raging that either he was placed on the scene, the entire accident was staged, or it just, um, never happened at all.

Two junior officers and West Point graduates were publicly removed from leadership roles following claims that they'd been sending derogatory and sexist e-mails.

Finland is engineering a new payment system that lets you pay for things... with your face. Their new facial-recognition software will apparently prevent identity fraud by verifying you by face alone. So if your wallet gets stolen in Finland... well, actually, would you need to carry a wallet at all?

To support this two-year-old boy with leukemia, former president George H. Bush has shaved his head.

In fact, so did this entire camp of Secret Service agents:

What genre of Facebook user do you fall into? Is is the Curator? The Brand Promoter? The Baby Boomer? Apparently there are nine camps... and you're in at least one of them!

And finally, watch this inspiring 97-year-old grandpa make pixel art.