Lea Michele Credits Cory Monteith for His Help With Her Book, Making Us Miss Them All Over Again

It feels like only yesterday that we were hearing about Cory Monteith's tragic death at the age of 31. It took everyone by surprise and the repercussions of the loss are still being felt both on and off Glee, still being felt via Rachel Berry and Lea Michele. Although her character was not dating Finn Hudson at the time of his off-screen death, Michele and Monteith were still going strong when he died and Michele has since been keeping his memory alive. Michele tweeted a sweet message on Monteith's birthday, for example, and during her book signing she told fans that Monteith helped Michele revise her book Brunette Ambition. The story was thoughtful and sweet and really drove home what a great couple they had been.

Michele revealed that she had written a lot about Jonathan Groff coming out to her in the book. The two have been close friends for so long that many people assume that they're dating — and Groff played a love interest of Rachel's on Glee named Jesse St. James — but Groff came out publicly in 2009.

"I remember Cory telling me when he read the book, 'You have to be… You've got to be careful because you're talking about someone'," said Michele, who subsequently edited her chapter on Groff down a lot. "...I think when you're writing a book, it's very important to think about the people [that you're] talking about."

That same advice could be the reason that Brunette Ambition makes absolutely no reference to the alleged feud between Lea Michele and Naya Rivera that had rumors flying that Rivera had been kicked off of Glee. In fact, that advice could be the reason that Michele has remained mum on the subject in interviews as well. That Monteith's advice could have such a profound effect on her even now speaks to how deep their bond was.

Of course, the advice doesn't explain why Michele chose her book as a medium to reveal she had a brief fling with Matthew Morrison, but then again now was as good a time as any. Glee is going to end after only one more season. Now's the time to clear the air as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else.