Watch 'Mad Men: The Musical' Because Everyone Needs a Little Song & Dance — VIDEO

Need something to tide you over until part 2 of Season 7 of Mad Men? Want something silly, partly irreverent, and hammier than Jon Hamm? Then I've got a treat for you. You must watch Mad Men: The Musical , which is a pretty funny spoof that was performed at the Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles. You may not get the full effect of live theater, but it's still worth a watch.

The musical was written by Nadia Osman and Ben Siemon, and it has an over-the-top, silly, musical theater tone. It boasts songs such as "Always Keep A Pen Between Your Tits," which is a sage advice tune from Joan and "Poor Fat Betty." No character is safe from parody! There's also some cute harmonizing (so '60s, seriously), some funny character jokes (Megan is ridiculously overt with her sexiness), and everyone is totally blatant with their desires, which mostly relates to intercourse and drinking, naturally.

Don also gives a musical presentation which, of course, makes a joke about how Hamm's junk is... uh ... large. The show also doesn't shy away from spoofing other musicals; in fact, it starts off with an homage to Les Miserables that musical theater fans will definitely dig.

But be warned! It covers the show up to its mid-season finale, so if you're not okay with spoilers, wait until you've finished part 1 of Season 7 (Netflix is up to date, so schedule a binge watching session if you're behind).

Check it out!

Nadia Osman on YouTube

image: AMC