Relive Season 7 All Over Again

If you're like us, we know you're already facing some pretty severe withdrawals from the Sterling Cooper and Partners gang. Oh Mad Men Season 7, we hardly knew ye! The half season finished as quickly as it left, and we've still got loads of burning questions that only the second half of the season will be able to answer. Now, while we wait for the conclusion, what shall you do if you just want to pour over the season again and ponder clues regarding Megan's potential Sharon Tate-esque murder, or if Don and Peggy jump ship to work on their own company? While you may be itching to play Mad Men detective, you may have to slow your roll for the summer. Update: Mad Men Season 7 part one is currently Netflix, part two is obviously another story.

If the last two years are any indication, Mad Men will hit Netflix around late March 2015 giving viewers a couple of weeks to catch up in anticipation of the spring premiere, (as opposed to a whole summer). Previously, Seasons 5 and 6 were released nearly a year apart from each other on March 25 and March 30, respectively, just weeks before the show's usual premiere date around April. Bustle reached Netflix for comment, but no official estimate was yet available. While it isn't as immediate as one might like, the promise of mining through all of the details before diving into the beginning of the end is enough to keep us on the edge of our seats all summer.

While we can't speed up how fast the show winds up on Netflix, we can countdown some of our favorite moments from this season.


You can't blame Bob for trying. After all, he and Joan get along, he's good to her son, and they make an alright duo. And you can imagine a past version of Joan that might consider it. But the new Joan has been through some tough times, and her heart is the last thing she has to give that is truly hers. Bravo to her for keeping something for herself.


Give it up for the hardest working ad exec on Madison Avenue. Peggy has been working to the bone while everyone around her is giving up or moving away. We can't wait to see her form a power duo now that she's re-aligned with Don, and we can't wait to see her reap all that's she's sown under SC&P's new subsidiary roll. Here's hoping the tail end of Season 7 finds us in a world where it's the Olson name that sells a merger or pitch, not Draper or Chaough.


While so many of our characters disintegrate in an emotional or existential sense, Ginsberg's breakdown is more dramatic and physical. Disgusted with himself, his paranoia, his genius, and the changing world around him, he goes off the deep end and inflicts self-harm. Ginsberg is the personification of this world gone topsy turvy, even if his send-off was especially gruesome.


And then we have Don, who is breaking down inside the way Ginsberg broke down outside. Who is he? Where is he? Is his mind with Megan on the West Coast? Stunted in the past with memories of Dick Whitman? Slated in the future with Sally, Peggy and the rest of his present? This season has brought him down in many ways, with his ego and image shattered in front of all who know him. Don Draper the Myth and Legend is dying: What will happen to the body that carries it?


I know we all hate Pete, but seriously that face when he realizes what sort of cashout he might get if the company gets bought by another firm is just priceless.


We couldn't have asked for a better send off for a complex yet beloved character. Especially since Cooper wasn't the death anyone was expecting this year. Farewell to the last bastion of leadership and loyalty at SC&P. (Though it will be interesting to see Roger try to fill his shoes.)

What does the future hold for yet another mutation of the original Sterling Cooper? Only Season 7's last leg will tell, though we do hope it involves way more awesome Sally Draper summer fashions.

Images: Michael Yarish/AMC; Giphy (7); Tumblr/justpetecampbellthings