Some 'Friends' Birthday Gifts for Gunther

Since he hated everyone turning 30-years-old, we can only imagine how poorly Joey would react to the news that James Michael Tyler — better known in the world of Friends as Rachel admirer and Central Perk boss Gunther — turns 52-years-old on Wednesday. The actor, who was pretty much the seventh member of the Friends gang, is the oldest of the gang by just a little over a year. (Lisa Kudrow turns 51 this July.) We believe this calls for a celebration, especially for the perpetually under-appreciated (Chandler guessed that the guy's last name was actually Central Perk) and heartsick (he told Rachel his true feelings in the Friends series finale, only to get rejected) Gunther.

And sure, Monica and Chandler moved to burbs upstate, and Joey moved to Los Angeles, but we've got to imagine that the entire gang still gets together to visit Rachel and Ross and Phoebe and Mike in the city. And you just know that when they're in town they still get their usual spot at the coffee shop. So, for old time's sake, let's pretend all of the friends are back together at Central Perk (where Gunther still works, of course) to wish him a very Happy 52nd Birthday. Here's exactly what the Friends would get Gunther on his birthday:


If he's lucky, Phoebe will make him the new Gladys or Glynnis, in reality, he'll probably just got a delightful, if not slightly inappropriate birthday song from her.


Joey liked to give muffins away to guests he liked (and pretended it was their birthdays) during his brief stint as a Central Perk barista, so there's no reason why he shouldn't still be giving food away, even when he doesn't work there. Just don't expect him to share that muffin you're technically paying for anyway, Gunther.


Alright, it's a little too early in the year for them, but Monica will find any excuse to win people over with her food, so Gunther would definitely get some of her famous Christmas candy.


He'd pay off all of Joey's outstanding tab at Central Perk. It will be a very happy birthday, indeed.


Her undying love, of course. Okay, that's what Gunther wants. In reality, it will probably be a new cat pillow for the demon spawn feline that Rachel pawned off on him years ago.


His real gift to Gunther would be to not show up at all. Nobody likes Rachel's main man Ross, especially not Gunther.

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