Belle Knox Made a Porn Reality Competition Show

So remember Belle Knox? That student sex worker from Duke? Well, whether or not you find sex work empowering or not, you cannot deny the girl's entreprenurial chops. Which is likely why she and a bunch of other porn stars got together to create a show that, in all honesty, we're sort of surprised has never been tried before. It's called The Sex Factor and its the hunt for the next great American porn star. And we have a couple questions.

Watching the trailer — which doesn't seem to showcase any airdate or network affiliations, nor does its website or Twitter account — you do learn a few things about the series. Stuff like its judges' names — purported bigwigs Keiran Lee, Tori Black, Lexi Belle, and Remy LaCroix in addition to Knox —and claims to fame. In addition, a general premise was revealed. Like many a competition reality series before it, eight men and eight women, total newbies to the sex-on-screen scene, will compete for a one million dollar prize and the chance to do a scene with Knox herself. With the help of her fellow judges, these sexers-to-be will [insert some easy and cheesy sex euphemism here] their way to the top in hopes of being the last man and woman standing with a big, bright, shiny career ready and waiting for them, all decided upon by the voting and viewing American public. But we still have some questions.

Now outside of the obvious who/what/where/when/why and how questions, there are even more we'd like to have answered by Knox and crew. Mainly:

  1. How does one get their penis insured for $1 million?
  2. Do they also do that for vaginas?
  3. What sort of things does penis and/or vagina insurance take care of?
  4. Does it cover plastic surgery of the genital variety?
  5. If you have so much prize money, how come the production quality is so low?
  6. Will there be sex on screen?
  7. How is this going to air on anything other than, say, the Playboy Channel?
  8. Actually why isn't it already on the Playboy Channel?
  9. Did the person who writes the Real Housewives taglines also write the script for this promo?
  10. Does a big dick always mean a really good show?
  11. Are these girls more size of the boat or motion of the ocean type people?
  12. Why do they all have the same face?
  13. No seriously — all three of those women have the exact same face, right?
  14. Am I just prejudice against porn star faces? How would I know if I was?
  15. Are your first couple of scenes really only a "little" scary?
  16. C'mon be honest doing the most intimate thing in the world on screen for people to then watch and get off to sounds like the MOST scary thing, right?
  17. How mean is it when they show them laughing at someone?
  18. Doesn't that feel sort of humiliating, for whomever they're laughing at?
  19. Anyone else super uncomfortable?
  20. OK who told this Keiran Lee character that his Simon Cowell impression was good?
  21. Ooof OK does that guy give you the heebie brojeebies too?
  22. OK that graphic with the growing penises on the voting app is sort of hilarious, right?
  23. What if you have the sex factor but you'd rather keep that private?
  24. Anyone else wildly creeped out by this but sure that it's going to do really well because ugh?

Image: The Sex Factor/YouTube