Bravo's 'Ladies of London' May Just Be The New 'Southern Charm'

Move over, Southern Charm — Bravo’s got a new group of socialites in town. Their latest reality adventure Ladies of London takes us into the lives of the British elite… and an overlapping social circle of American expats who are similarly wealthy but are thought of as the scum of the earth by London natives. Oh, bollocks.

The recently released extended trailer for the show (premiering June 2) spells serious drama for the debut season, which means this show is going to be AMAZING. And since we’re still obsessed with Southern Charm, it’s pretty wonderful to see that Ladies of London is just SC with British accents. You know, despite the fact that the LoL cast holds a very real, very obvious disdain for Americans who “show up shouting, dancing, screaming, with their boobs falling all over the place,” which may or may not be a scarily accurate description of the Southern Charm cast as a whole.

However, the similarities between the two shows are already pretty staggering. If you’re still mourning the epic conclusion of Southern Charm’s first season as much as I am, get ready to fall in love with Ladies of London. Here’s why:

The Ladies of London gals are a bunch of Whitneys.

For every lady of London, there is a Southern Charm counterpart — and for most of them, that counterpart is Whitney Sudler-Smith and his mother, the HBIC herself, Patricia Altschuler. Many of the ladies were born with silver spoons in their mouths, complete with prestigious last names as well — a lot like Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel. The main difference between the two casts is that the LoL group appears to be decidedly more accepting of inevitable things like adulthood and responsibility. Shep, we’re looking at you.

Backstabbing and jealousy and drama… oh my!

Every Bravo reality show comes with its own delightful brand of drama, and Ladies of London is no different. New money vs. old money is obviously going to be a big point of contention between the two groups of women, especially since their social circles seem to cross quite often. And, like a seat at Thomas Ravenel’s embarrassing Dinner Party of Horrors, the trailer warns that your seat in their exclusive group of friends is never guaranteed.

Weekend get-togethers in the country

Man, do rich people love traveling together or what? That’s what we’re gathering thanks to Bravo, anyway. And if the LoL cast’s jaunt into the country for a weekend is anything like the infamous Southern Charm hunting trip, relationships are bound to be destroyed right in front of our very eyes. NBD — it makes for great television. Wait, is it June 2 yet?

Images: Bravo (3)