Rita Takes on "Drunk in Love"

You might be more familiar with Rita Ora because of her style or her upcoming role in the 50 Shades of Grey movie than for her songs, so if you are new to Ora's music, she's given you a good way to familiarize yourself. Rita Ora covered "Drunk in Love" and it really shows off her talent. Ora sang the Beyoncé hit on France's Le Before du Grand Journal talk show after previously covering the song at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend in Glasgow.

On the show, Ora performs with minimal accompaniment: an acoustic guitar, small drum, and backup singer. Ora does the song justice and hits all of the notes with her British accent coming through at times. She doesn't sing the entire song (maybe short performance's are standard for Le Before?) but once you hear it, you'll want her to continue. She doesn't even get to the "surfbort" part!

At Big Weekend Ora also sang a cover of Coldplay's "Magic" and if her use of covers is a way to drum up interest in her own music, it's a smart idea. If someone can pull of singing what is one of the most popular songs in the world, it's going to get people's attention and leave them curious about what else is out there.