Prince George Has A Favorite Superhero That He Wears on His Royal Pajamas — Guess Who?

Since the birth of the UK's baby prince, the entire world has been waiting with bated breath for Prince George to answer but one question: who will be the superhero on his first pair of pajamas? Will he pick the All-American Superman? Go for the unexpected and choose Ant-Man? Or maybe he'll go a little darker and choose Batman? Fortunately, Kate Middleton finally revealed the long-awaited answer: Prince George sports Spider-man on his pajamas. Rather than calling a press conference, the royal mother casually revealed the information to five-year-old Jamie Speedie, who was wearing a shirt with a Marvel character at the newly restored MacRosty Park in Scotland.

Speedie's mother, Lianne McNamara, recounted the event. Middleton told her about George's Spider-man pajamas, saying that he hasn't quite grown into them yet. "She was saying how much her little boy has grown so big, so quickly," said McNamara. The little prince himself was back in England with his nanny.

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