Katy Perry & Adele Took a Seflie & It Could Explode With Pop Star Power— PHOTO

Katy Perry recently posted a power pop selfie to Instagram. This selfie boasts a boatload of Twitter followers — tens of millions — and so many album sales. So what makes this selfie for the pop music industry ages? Well, Katy Perry took a selfie with Adele. I know, right? It's basically a picture that could spontaneously combust from the amount of star power it's packing.

Perry was making a stop in London on her Prismatic World Tour, and Adele, who's a big KP fan, stopped by to see her show. Obviously she loved it, as she took to Twitter to express how awesome she thought Perry's performance was. However, she seemed to be slightly more excited about seeing a UK cartoon character, as she tweeted a picture of that, not Katy Perry. Ah well. I'd be psyched to see a cool character, too. Like that and Katy Perry — double win, right?

And then, an incredible moment in pop music history happened. The two took this picture, which only exemplifies just how much these two pop stars dig each other's work. In fact, Perry even referred to Adele as "The Queen" in her post, so obviously she has major respect for the British songstress.

So now we've got to wonder: are we going to get a duet from the two of them in the near future? Can we cross our fingers for it?

Til then, check out the power pop photo:

And Adele's tweet:

Image: Instagram