Korean Girl Gets Surgery to Look Like Miranda Kerr

I'm not sure whether the Victoria's Secret beauty should be flattered or totally weirded out, but here it goes: a South Korean superfan — and coincidentally, fellow model — underwent major plastic surgery to look more like the Miranda Kerr.

Yes, Hong Yuh Reum idolized Miranda Kerr so much that she had multiple cosmetic surgery procedures, including operations on her eyes and nose, to look exactly like the Australian model. In addition to the plastic surgery, Reum dyes her hair honey blonde and wears blue contact lenses to, you know, complete the look.

Reum appeared on a Korean TV show called Alien Virus (what?) to debut her new face. The show typically features unusual guests, and she obviously fit the bill. Reum told the show's hosts about how she came to her decision. She said, "It really struck me when I first saw [Kerr] in a magazine. She has a baby face but she's very sexy. I knew I wanted to be like her!"

On the show, Reum was sent out to the streets of South Korea to see how locals would react. Much to her delight (I presume), many of them thought she was not Korean, trying to speak English to her.

Of course, she's not just doing this for herself, you guys. She's doing it for Miranda Kerr! Reum told the show's hosts that she was disappointed that Kerr wasn't more popular in South Korea and that in addition to obsessing over her, the reason she had imitated her was to help promote Kerr in her country.

Although it's still completely bizarre that any human would do such a thing, I have to say she doesn't look as bad as this guy. Still, it creeps me out.

Image: TVN