Godzilla Meets Beyonce In Hilarious Musical Mash Up — VIDEO

Beyonce is an epic pop star. Godzilla is an epic lizard monster. So it's only fitting that some genius mind on the Internet made a mash-up video that is the trailer of Godzilla , but with Beyonce in place of titular gargantuan amphibian. It is every bit as brilliant as you think it is.

Now, this is certainly not negative commentary on Beyonce — there's no way it can be. It could very well be a comment on how enormous Queen B's career is — hell, it's the size of Godzilla! Her album sales blow up the charts in the way Godzilla stomped the box office on its opening weekend. Her talent is the size of Godzilla! And, like with Godzilla, one should not mess with Beyonce. (Also — spoiler alert: Godzilla is actually a good guy; he's not the evil monster you think he is.) Hilariously enough, this trailer (which is rated "B," for Beyonce, obviously), features people running from the enormity of all things B.

Anyway, there are mash-ups and then there are mash-ups. The Internet has a bounty of them, and at times, they're not always stellar. But sometimes you land upon a gem like this one. Check it out:

hajiketobu on YouTube