'Terminator 5: Genesis' Photos Feature Emilia Clarke Looking Nothing Like Khaleesi — PHOTOS

Geek dreams are coming to realization — we now can take a look at the first photos from Terminator 5: Genesis! Photos of the upcoming addition to the Terminator franchise have been circulating the Internet, which means we are that much closer to having a movie with The Doctor and the Khaleesi. I mean, Matt Smith and Emilia Clarke. (Seriously — whoever is in the casting department for Terminator 5 is a total genius. Matching up The Doctor with the Mother of Dragons in a sci-fi reboot is an on-point choice.)

At first, we rolled our eyes when we heard about the arrival of this reboot. After all, it was way too easy to make those requisite "I'll be back...seriously? Please stay away!" jokes. But seeing these pics (and to reiterate, those casting choices, man!) is pretty cool. Think about it — Arnold Schwarzenegger partnering up with Emilia Clarke! The Khaleesi is Sarah Connor! Which, by the way, is pretty fitting, since Danaerys is such a BAMF. But now, those thoughts about Clarke kicking ass in a sci-fi film is no longer just a figment of your imagination; you can now see her in full Sarah Connor, gun-toting mode, alongside Schwarzenegger and co-star Jai Courtney, who plays Kyle Reese, in these pictures.

Check them out!