Video: Women Take a First Look At Their Vaginas

If you've ever seen the movie Fried Green Tomatoes, you probably remember the scene when Evelyn goes to a women's empowerment meeting and then runs away in terror once the woman in charge announces that they're going to start off with everyone taking a mirror and getting a good look at their vagina. But in a new video from YouTuber wickydkewl there's no screaming, no running, and a minimal amount of discomfort as a group of women take a look at their vaginas for the first time. It's actually kind of sweet.

In a culture that sends women about eighty bajillion contradictory messages about our sexuality, it's not surprising that there are lots of women who haven't looked at their vaginas before. Often times people act as though vaginas are something shameful, which doesn't exactly make girls and women feel all that comfortable indulging whatever curiosity they might have. (Though, presumably, they still know more about what's going on down there than these guys do.)

Some of the women in the video also have specific vagina-related psychological scars, too. One woman explains that she was raped, and therefore hasn't really explored her sexuality much. Another says that the first guy who ever saw her vagina told her it was hideous. Other women in the video are more lighthearted. But for all of the women, looking seems to be a positive experience. Hooray!