Will Justin Bieber's Alleged Cellphone Robbery Finally Get Him Deported? Heads Up, Canada ...

So, as you probably are aware of, Justin Bieber has been accused of a robbery, and no one is surprised. But hold the (stolen cell) phone for a hot second — what does this mean for him, and will Bieber get deported after this latest alleged crime? Will he ride off into the Canadian sunset at long last?

Well, it depends. Potentially, Bieber could get deported, but it's unlikely that #cellphonegate is going to be the thing that tips him over the northern border. According to the U.S. Department of Immigration, deportation can occur for a variety reasons, but in order to be deported on account of criminal grounds (which would likely be why Canada would have to take him back), it must be because one of the following reasons:

Moral turpitude sounds like some seriously questionable stuff — and it is. (It's something that shocks the collective public conscious. Bieber is more of an eye roll.)

So what we're really looking at here would be if Bieber committed a felony, then yes — he could potentially be sent back. Potentially. A serious crime does warrant a possible deportation.

This isn't the first time people have asked this question. Obviously, folks are anxious to see Bieber return to his homeland. Back around the time of his egg-throwing debacle, people had started questioning how much longer it would be 'til we were reading headlines that say, "Bieber: DEPORTED."

At that time, NYC immigration attorney Michael Wildes said:

DUI and drag racing are not crimes involving moral turpitude [...] if every week something else happens, the government will look at it.

But hey, with Bieber, it seems like there's always something else — like this robbery. And weirdly enough, the DA recently said that they wanted to press charges about January's egg-throwing incident, as it should be declared an act of felony vandalism. So even if this robbery doesn't end up turning into a big ordeal (he did give the phone back to the lady — apparently, he thought she was taking pics of him. Boy just wants to mini golf, I suppose) — there are other old demons that could come back to bite Bieber in the ass. Essentially, the law is not on his good side, so he should be careful if he doesn't want to get sent back to Canada. He should watch that moral turpitude!