Phil Collins Performs at Sons’ School to Parents’ Joy & Students’ Confusion — VIDEO

Ya know who the kids are really diggin' today? Phil Collins, apparently. Phil Collins came out of retirement last week in order to play at his sons' school. The school, Miami County Day School, was having its spring concert and one of Collins' sons asked if he could perform. Both of his sons attend the pre-K-12 school. Collins retired in 2011, but obliged because you can't say no to your son, right? And usually kids are so embarrassed by their parents that Collins likely felt he needed to jump at the opportunity.

Collins took the stage much to the surprise of all of the parents in attendance. There is no footage of the audience, but judging by the pitch of the screams and the one woman who responds, "Good, now!" when Collins' asks how the crowd is doing, I'm thinking a lot of moms were happy about the surprise guest while a lot of kids sat there asking each other if he's the one who did "Come on Eileen."

Collins performed several songs with the school's middle school band including "In the Air Tonight" and "Land of Confusion." All in all it looks like a good time. Collins undoubtedly got a lot of parents more excited than they've ever been for a school concert, made his son happy with the favor, and gave the school band a far more interested audience than they'll ever get at pep rallies.

Diana P. Botero on YouTube