The Best 'Maleficent' Merchandise, Because You Know She's the Most Badass Villain

The actual release date of Disney's Maleficent may be May 30, but the movie itself was preceded by a ton of merchandise inspired by Angelina Jolie's villainous character. The animated version of the character from Sleeping Beauty is known for her black horns, dark color scheme, and ability to turn into a dragon, features that lend themselves surprisingly well to fashion and beauty products. There have already been multiple designer collaborations with the film, including MAC, Stella McCartney and N Natori, but some fans might want merchandise that is more than inspired by Maleficent, and actually shows off the movie and character.

For that, you have to look outside of designer collaborations. There's the drawback of not representing your favorite character and designer at the same time, but the bonuses of spending way less money and being more festive. There are passionate fans out there for all Disney characters, including villains, and they've created and found some really great Maleficent items. Everything from poster prints and homemade jewelry to Disney Parks-exclusive merchandise from years past is available for those who have loved Maleficent since 1959's Sleeping Beauty and newer fans who were drawn in by Jolie and her enhanced cheekbones.

Here's some of the best Maleficent merchandise and where you can find it.

Glitter Horns

You can wear your own version of Maleficent's iconic accessory, with awesome purple glittery stripes. And you won't have to go through whatever Jolie did to get her giant horns, just slip on a headband.

Available from GustavosGoods/Etsy

Subtler Horns and Bow

If you don't want to stand out too much, this headband has much smaller horns and a green bow with Maleficent's intense eyes staring out. If anyone's bothering you just turn your head so the eyes face them, they'll get the hint.

Available from HomemadeTrends/Etsy

Stained Glass Phone Case

Show your love for the original Maleficent with a stained glass-style phone case that features her looking very intimidating, complete with crow sidekick.

Available from onedrivecase/Etsy

Movie Poster Phone Case

If you're more of a fan of Jolie's version, this phone case features one of the movie's posters that shows off her intense eyes and those cheekbones.

Available from vincorado/Etsy

Maleficent and Aurora Mug

For Sleeping Beauty fans who can't choose between the princess and the fairy, this mug offers both. It's also huge, for Disney fans who can't feel very magical until they've had multiple cups of coffee.

Available from Disney Store

Running Costume

A Maleficent-inspired sequined skirt will help you stand out from the rest of the crowd at a 5K, marathon, or other impressive running event. Just pair it with some horns and you're good to go.

Available from RockCitySkirts/Etsy

Evil Fairy Necklace

This necklace combines one of Maleficent's names and some of her common symbols, and actually comes in a bunch of different varieties. You can choose which pieces to add or have a disc that reads "mistress of all evil" instead of "evil fairy." Both are equally badass.

Available from WithLoveFromOC/Etsy

Villains Poster Set

It's pretty convenient that three of Disney's biggest villains all wear purple. Maleficent, The Little Mermaid's Ursula, and Snow White's Evil Queen make up a great set of posters to hang in a more sinister Disney lover's house.

Available from PosterForum/Etsy

Maleficent Mickey Ears

If you weren't in one of the Disney parks last fall, you missed out on the offical Maleficent-themed Mickey Mouse ears. Luckily, someone very talented made their own version, which is actually cuter than the original.

Available from Ifyoukeeponbelieving/Etsy

Silhouette Earrings

Since these 3/4 inch earrings only include a silhouette of Maleficent, they're the perfect thing to add to a normal outfit for a subtle representation of the character.

Available from FemmeDeBloom/Etsy

Vogue Shirt

This has to be the absolute best piece of Maleficent merchandise out there. If any Disney villain, or just character for that matter, deserves to be on the cover of Vogue, it's her, and this shirt proves it.

Available from TeesForShes/Etsy

Image: Walt Disney Company