Brad Pitt Attacker Vitalii Sediuk Faces 4 Charges, So that May Have Been His Last Prank

After attacking Brad Pitt, which followed numerous other red carpet pranks, Vitalii Sediuk is facing four charges including battery and assault. At Wednesday night's Maleficent premiere, Sediuk hit Brad Pitt in the face as one of his "pranks." Following the incident, Sediuk was arrested by the LAPD and Pitt was granted a temporary restraining order. Originally booked on misdemeanor battery and held on $20,000 bail, according to E! News, Sediuk has now been charged with "Battery, Assault, Unlawful Activity at a Sporting Event, Theatrical or Exhibition and Unlawful Delay or Interference of a Sporting Event, Theatrical or Exhibition." Additionally, the Los Angeles City Attorney will be requested a "stay away order" for several upcoming entertainment events.

In the past, Sediuk's pranks haven't lead to such serious legal outcomes. After attempting to rush the stage during Adele's 2013 Grammys speech, he was reportedly arrested and spent the night in a jail cell. He is said to still be on probation for this incident. When Sediuk streaked across the runway at Prabal Gurung's 2014 New York Fashion Week show, he was arrested for trespassing. Still, Sediuk has continued to pull stunts and has been able to gain access to events.

It's possible that the prank on Brad Pitt will be Sediuk's last now that he faces multiple legal charges. Also, prior to the Brad Pitt attack, he was fired from his job at Ukraine's 1+1 television station. With legal issues, stay away orders, and no job to bring him the possibility of a press credential, he's going to have a hard time pulling off any more red carpet pranks.

Then again, this is the guy who managed to hide under America Ferrera's dress, so maybe we shouldn't put it past him.