A Condom That Feels Good ?!

In a world where unsafe sex is disturbingly common — and among teens just keeps getting more common — a lot of attention gets paid to condoms. Eco-friendly condoms are popular, the federal government occasionally takes an interest in custom fit condoms, electric condoms seem like a good idea to some people, and now someone went out and developed the Galactic Cap, the world's smallest, functional condom. Apparently we are just living in the age of the condom, people.

This new tiny condom's creator Charlie Powell thinks that it could be a big, big deal for the future of safe sex. Instead of being secured via a long sleeve, the Galactic cap stays in place using a polyurethane adhesive film that's waterproof and strong enough to stay in place for hours at a time. It only covers the head of the penis, leaving a guy's most sensitive areas uncovered, allowing for more sexual stimulation. And as such, the thinking goes, people will be more willing to use it and thus less likely to have unsafe sex.

The Galactic Cap hasn't been FDA approved yet, and they're still testing to see if it's actually able to prevent STD transmission, but it has been shown to prevent pregnancy, so that's good.

Now as for the name, "Galactic Cap" I don't know who came up with that one. Are we to understand these are the sorts of condoms they use in space or something?

Currently the Galactic Cap starts fundraising via IndieGoGo on June 1st, so if you want to invest in the future of condoms, now's your chance. And if you want to learn more about these tiny new condoms you can check out their fundraising video below — just keep in mind that the illustrations are NSFW.

The biggest question, though, is whether or not they'll still be good for our vaginas. Who says our generation doesn't ask the important questions?