Ariana & Iggy's New Video Is Here!

by Lia Beck

Ariana Grande's song "Problem" is already number two on the Hot 100 chart and now its about to bring in even more listeners. Ariana Grande's "Problem" music video featuring Iggy Azalea was released on Friday. After days of Grande teasing the video to her fans on Instagram and a great performance from both ladies at the Billboard Music Awards, the song has a video at long last and it explains why Grande's been wearing go-go boots so much.

We already know that "Problem" is a catchy pop song, but the video is even catchier. I'm far from a passionate Ariana Grande fan, but this video is hypnotizing. (I mean that at least somewhat literally because there are a bunch of spirals spinning around all over the place.) It's got crazy mod-style clothes, acrobats, and an awesome choreographed dancing with no lack of backup dancers. My music video standards come from the height of TRL which means that dancing which is equal parts impressive and ridiculous is a must in pop music videos. "Problem" does not disappoint on that front.

Overall, I would describe the video as 60s mod meets a fun house meets "Oops!... I Did It Again." There's awesome mini dresses, big hair, cool makeup, lots of colorful backgrounds, and some sort of green-screened swirly effect. As for the "Oops!... I Did It Again" part, Grande lays on a big circular platform while wearing white and doing a lot of arm dancing. Homage, perhaps?

Check out the video for yourself below and get ready to have this song stuck in your head for at least a week.

Image: Giphy