Ginnifer Goodwin & Josh Dallas Welcome A Baby Boy Into Their Real Life Fairy Tale

Two of One Upon a Time's biggest stars have added a new addition to their fairy tale. On May 29, Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas welcomed a baby boy to the world, making their relationship that much more magical. “This is their first child,” a rep for the couple told E! News. “Both mom and baby are doing great.” Although this means that no, there will be no surprise Emma Swan and that we will be unable to experience all of our OUAT fantasies in real life, Dallas is bound to have some prince-like influences on his child.

The baby’s name has yet to be announced — as one can imagine they probably want their privacy — but we already know that Goodwin has baby name rules. After appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to discuss her wedding and pregnancy, we can all rest easy knowing that the child’s name will be unlikely to begin with D since his last name will be Dallas and that she refuses to use anything geographic.

While that’s all well and good, I sincerely hope that Goodwin and Dallas avoid bizarre celebrity baby names in general. Apple and Rainbow Aurora may be taken, but there’s a plethora of odd names she could choose from and it would be great for the rest of the world if she took the high road. Not that North West isn’t great… Oh wait.

Perhaps the name they choose will be that of one of OUAT's characters. I’m not recommending Rumpelstiltskin or Hook, but Henry is a nice, simple name. Or maybe even Peter from Peter Pan? Though probably not since Pan was actually a horrible villain on OUAT.

With baby names aside, the most important question of the day is, who will the godparents be?