Dick Van Dyke Dancing in a Store Is Magical & Will Make Your Day — VIDEO

By now, it shouldn’t be a great surprise to anyone that Dick Van Dyke is extremely talented, not only as an actor, but for his singing and dancing as well. However, while his vocals in Mary Poppins alongside Julie Andrews, and in Bye Bye Birdie with Janet Leigh will forever be ingrained in our minds, there’s nothing better than a good dance number with the actor. That’s why a recent Vine of Dick Van Dyke dancing in a store is the best thing ever.

We have to applaud the 88-year-old’s wife, Arlene Van Dyke, for capturing this beautiful moment for us. Dare I say it, this may even be ten times better than that time a Leonardo DiCaprio fan caught the Wolf of Wall Street actor dancing like a crazed music junkie at Coachella.

Van Dyke’s video, which is captioned with “The wait is over… another Mr. Vandy Dancing Vine,” is the thing dreams are made of. The actor showed off his dance moves in the middle of a clothing store (because why not?) and revealed that he’s still got it. However, while this may be one of the most epic things I have ever seen in my lifetime, some of Van Dyke’s other dances make for some good competition.

This Video Where Van Dyke Is Wearing A Bib

And as this YouTube user put it best…

The Penguin Dance From Mary Poppins

Because everyone loves Van Dyke as a penguin.

His Dance To "Put On A Happy Face"

Come on. No one can refuse Albert from Bye Bye Birdie.

That Time He Stepped On Mary Tyler Moore’s Foot On Stage In Summer Stock’s song, "You Wonderful You"

When He Shook What His Mama Gave Him During The Credits Of Night at the Museum

Van Dyke’s Cute Dance To Help Re-Elect Fran Pavley To The California State Senate

So there you have it. Van Dyke is a dancing fool and we love it.