How to Enjoy 'Sharknado' In Theaters Like A Cult Movie

Fans of sharks, Tara Reid, and shameless gore everywhere can rejoice, because Sharknado will officially hit theaters for one night only on Aug. 2. Which means you can now watch Ian Ziering saw through a shark from the inside on the big screen, whoopee! But, since Sharknado was released on television and can probably be streamed from a zillion different websites, there must be a reason to see it in theaters. And that reason is, plain and simple, is to enjoy it the same way we enjoy The Rocky Horror Picture Show, costumes, props, and all. In case you're worried about not fitting in, here are some thoughts on ways to jazz up your Sharknado theater experience come Aug. 2:

Wear a costume that references this infamous nip slip dress. Talk about Taradise as if you weren't the only one who watched it.

Peter Kramer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Or wear this.

Definitely bring your dog.

Make a shirt that has shark teeth along the edges.

Every time someone gets eaten by a shark, everyone in the audience has to slam their arms together like jaws and yell "CHOMP." This could also lend itself to an awesome drinking game, although, of course, drinking in the movie theater is not allowed, so it could lend itself to an awesome drinking whatever-it-is-in-your-Coke-cup-wink-wink game.

Make a chainsaw out of the box that a 36-pack of Natty Light comes in and tin foil.

If you're sitting near people dressed like sharks, saw those bitches in half. Safety first, people — ain't nobody got time for being eaten by a shark at the movies.

The rest is all you guys, but given how inspiring Sharknado is, I'm sure you won't struggle to come up with ideas. So get pumped for sharks and 'nados on the big screen, and start felting that super cute shark costume you've always secretly wanted.