Why It's Not So Bad To Work The 4th of July

This July 4th will be the first in four years I'm not spending in an office, and I'll be honest: I'm kind of going to miss being busy all day. OK, don't get me wrong — while I personally don't understand the appeal of spending hours at the beach, roasting in the sun, and trying not to get hit by tanning oil-runoff from nearby strangers, I know that July 4th is a big summer holiday that many people like to celebrate. And, sure, who doesn't love barbecues and picnics? All those burgers and corn on the cob and those pretty, tasty pies? (If you ask me, the best thing about July 4th is the food.)

But if you're bummed about having to work this July 4th, know that you're not alone. Life is not over. You can hit the beach and barbecues on just about any warm weather holiday. Memorial Day and Labor Day are celebrated pretty much the exact same way as July 4th; the only difference is one ends with fireworks. And unless you're working the night shift, catching the show should be pretty easy.

Truthfully, working on a holiday really isn't that bad. I can't speak to restaurant or sales jobs, (which are probably hell on earth, I'll admit), but spending July 4th in an office, at least, isn't that big of a deal. It even has some perks. Here are a few.

It's Going To Be Hot As Balls Out There

By July 4th, it's going to be sweltering out. If you opt to spend the day outside at the beach or a barbecue, you're going to sweat your ass off and possibly get a sunburn ranging anywhere from the annoying to the horrific.

Offices, however, have air conditioners. Just think of it — sweet, sweet cold, conditioned air.

You'll Have the Run of the Office

If you decide to forgo celebrating on July 4th, you'll probably be among a small crowd at the office. Most of your coworkers will take the day off, which means you'll get the office to yourself, with the exception of a few stragglers. Depending on what kind of attire your office calls for, you can most likely ditch the suit and the headphones and have yourself your own private dance party.

No CoWorkers Means You Can Wear What You Want

Wanna show up in a bathing suit made out of an America flag and some cutoff shorts? A flower crown? A red, white, and blue cape? Go right ahead. Just remember to bring a patriotic sweatshirt, because, you know, the AC.

Your Productivity Will Shoot Up...

Because you can work uninterrupted by coworkers and clients, you'll get a pretty big chunk of work done.

...Unless, Of Course, You Get, Like, Zero Work Done

Because your boss is gone and you decide to spend the day getting paid to catch up on Orange Is the New Black.

Your Boss Will Be Impressed

Any time you work a holiday when you don't have to, your boss will take notice and be stoked that he or she has such an ambitious employee.

You Can Use The Day Off Some Other Time

Whether it's so you can binge-watch Netflix or for an extra three-day weekend, it's your day to spend however you want. You'll be glad you had the foresight to have an extra vacation day banked.

You'll Get That Cash Money Money

If you work at a reasonable place, you'll get paid overtime for working on a bank holiday. Think of what you could do with that extra money! New clothes, new flicks — you could even roll around in it if you want.

You Have the Perfect Excuse To Ditch An annoying Party invite

You can forget about feeling guilty when you click that "Decline" button on Facebook and write "Aww shucks, I have to work all day!"

Happy Independence Day, indeed.

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