Is This One Direction Singer On Tinder?

by Emma Goddard

When celebrities like Mindy Kaling began using the dating app, Tinder, as a way to promote their work, it couldn’t have been more hilarious. Yet of course, because Kaling’s Tinder use was merely a marketing ploy for her show The Mindy Project, even using her fictional character, Mindy Lahiri, for her profile, we were unable to fulfill our dreams of actually matching with the actress. Though we know that celebs like Jamie Kennedy and Lindsay Lohan use the app as well, there are some A-list stars who would cause quite the commotion if they created a profile. For example, how fast do we think the app would take to break down if One Direction band member Harry Styles began using Tinder?

At least, that seems to be the question of the day after one Tinder user in Newcastle, England had the opportunity to swipe right after coming across Styles’ so-called Tinder profile.

Naturally, the woman who confessed she’s “not even really a One Direction fan,” went berserk after discovering she had matched with the celebrity, even telling her friends who are now attempting to find him through the app. However, there’s one thing that this Tinder user also admitted to that all men and women on Tinder should beware of before chasing after a celebrity: being skeptical.

Sure, maybe Styles was actually on Tinder trying to match with a nice woman to meet up with at the pub after playing a show somewhere in Newcastle. I mean let’s not forget that the real James Franco propositioned a 17-year-old girl from Scotland once upon a time on Instagram.

So yes, it is possible for celebrities to approach you via social media but still highly unlikely. It’s better to be safe than sorry. And if someone as popular as Styles needs to resort to Tinder to pick up girls, then what the hell are the rest of us doing with our lives? Celebs should leave Tinder to us plebes because we’re still working out how to make millions with our careers and become recognized around the world. Sigh.

Yet it’s improbable that Styles was actually on Tinder, especially since he didn’t even respond to the message of the woman he matched with. Red flags already. Despite not receiving anything from the boy band member, from this Tinder user’s account, it seems she was a bit too eager to see what Styles was up to, not even knowing if it was actually him.

Unfortunately it seems all too easy to catfish people, especially if strangers can convince an already-obsessed fan that they’re the real deal. I’m not saying it’s impossible to meet a perfectly pleasant male or female through Tinder and live happily ever after with them, but you have to be realistic and recognize that of all people, celebrities probably aren’t the ones looking for love online.