'The Hunger Games' Jennifer Lawrence is the Most Liked Actress of Summer But Who is Least Liked?

If I told you that Jennifer Lawrence is the most-liked actress of the summer, you probably wouldn’t be surprised. But is it true? Well, based off her Q Score in a study of adults 18-49 conducted for TheWrap, Jennifer Lawrence is the most-liked actress of the summer. TV networks and studios use Q Scores to determine how popular or unpopular celebrities are according to consumers of their films, and Lawrence has a 27 Positive Q Score. This means she’s above average for a celebrity in terms of likability, according to the study.

The Q Scores company will provide consumers with a celebrity name and a brief description to more than 1,800 study participants, according to TheWrap. From there, these participants are asked if they know who the celebrity is, and if so, how they feel about that person. Clearly, many people in the study admired Lawrence.

However, not far behind the X-Men: Days of Future Past and Hunger Games actress was celebrity Melissa McCarthy who just missed the mark by two points. These first and second place results seem reasonable when you consider how talented and naturally humorous both of these women are. If you’ve seen an interview with either of these actresses, you probably already know how relatable they are.

Coming in third place with a tie were Angelina Jolie and Rachel McAdams, both with a 23, while Amy Poehler and Shailene Woodley tied with a 22. However, despite her high score this year, Woodley’s score of 15 last year makes her unstable, according to the Q Score system.

Behind these two women, Meryl Streep took a 21 while Drew Barrymore, Emma Stone, Mila Kunis and Charlize Theron tied with a 20. Though I don’t necessarily agree with these findings, considering the average Q Score is an 18, it’s nice to know that many of my favorite actresses are able to please the people.

What’s strange though? Scarlett Johannson scored a 17 and Zoe Saldana only received a 15. Ouch, yall. I’m thinking some people just haven’t fully experienced the acting abilities of these two lovely women, especially when Elizabeth Olsen wasn’t far behind Saldana with a 12.

Seeing that Olsen hasn’t been acting nearly as much as Saldana has, this seems surprising, though maybe everyone just really liked Godzilla. Also, Megan Fox one point after ScarJo and one point before Saldana? These study participants really need to get on their movie game.

Images: perezhilton; crushable