Finally, a 'TFIOS' Video That Won't Make You Cry

by Kadeen Griffiths

The only thing that everyone can agree on about the much hyped movie The Fault in Our Stars is that we're all going to have to bring at least three boxes of Kleenex with us to the theater. It's a love story about cancer survivors and those are, by nature, incredibly sad even when spiced up with Hazel Grace's dry wit and sarcasm. Just as good as the plot of the movie has been The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack, which is selling like wildfire due to its combination of tearful ballads and upbeat melodies. Charli XCX's "Boom Clap" fell on the upbeat scale and the music video for it is one of the few that will make you smile instead of cry.

"Boom Clap" is a celebration of young love. In between the video of Charli XCX walking and dancing around a city by herself are clips of Hazel and August falling in love and enjoying their lives together. It's predictable considering lyrics like "Boom, clap, the sound of my heart, the beat goes on and on" that the music video for the song would be about that rush of first love and intense infatuation, but I'm so used to crying every time I watch something that has to do with The Fault in Our Stars that Charli XCX almost threw me off-guard.

Ed Sheeran's "All of the Stars" and Lykke Li's "No One Ever Loved" was tailor-made to squeeze every drop of moisture out of our eyelids, but "Boom Clap" is something different. It wakes you up, gives you life, and takes you back to the very first time you were ever in a relationship, so obsessed with someone you thought your heart might beat out of your chest when you were with them. It's the perfect song to compliment all the good times in Hazel and August's relationship, to remind us all that this isn't just a story about cancer; it's also a story about love and friendship and the excitement of life.

To be fair, knowing all of that might still make you cry just because you know (or think you know) how these stories inevitably end, but at least you'll smile while you're doing it.

Watch the video below.

Image: TheFaultinOurStarsMovie.com