'Obvious Child' Tackles Abortion, Comedy

by Anna Klassen

One night stands have long been bottled for comedic and dramatic use on the silver screen, but the consequences of such actions — STDs, pregnancy — are predictably glazed over. Or, when pregnancy is addressed, the woman in question opts out of the politically charged choice (hint: it rhymes with "shmashmortion"). 2007's Juno dealt with teen pregnancy by smothering it in quippy dialogue and a whole lot of heart. Knocked Up also took the comedic approach, but abortion was thrown out of the equation even faster, and while the couple didn't participate in a shotgun wedding, they worked it out romantically so the kid could have a "normal" family life. But what if the one night stand ends in a completely and whole-heartedly unwanted pregnancy?

In 2014's Obvious Child , Jenny Slate is a recently single twentysomething comedian who becomes pregnant after a one night stand and must tackle the inevitable question: to abort or not to abort. To tell the baby daddy she is going to abort, or to claim this "problem" as solely her own? The trailer for Obvious Child was released last month, and now, Bustle has an exclusive look at the first TV spot for the film. Check it out:

Here's the trailer for the film, out Friday, June 6.

Image: Rooks Nest Entertainment