Lily Allen's Own Brother Calls her a Liar

by Maitri Suhas

Poor Lily Allen... just kidding! The British songstress seems like she's always under fire, especially by people like me, and now, by her own brother. On May 13 in a Reddit AMA, Allen "revealed" that she was offered a Game of Thrones cameo, to play Yara Greyjoy the sister of Theon Greyjoy (ahem, Reek), who's played by her real-life brother Alfie Allen. But on Monday, Alfie totally debunked that Lily was ever offered a GOT spot. Embarrassing.

Alfie said of the anecdote: "I heard about [the cameo offer]. The only thing I'm going to say on that is that it's not true."

Few words, but why would Alfie lie about Lily lying? Lily Allen allegedly "turned down" the Game of Thrones spot because it would have involved a whole lot of incest — before Theon finds out Yara is his sister, he put the slimy moves on her. So I don't fault Lily Allen for not wanting to be part of that kind of on and off screen weirdness, but who's to be believed now that Alfie said Lily was never offered the role in the first place?

Judging by Lily Allen's hypocritical behavior and ass-backwards views of feminism, I wouldn't put anything past her, to be honest. But be careful, Lily: why lie if your own brother doesn't have your back? Maybe the Allens have more in common with the dysfunctional Westeros families than I thought.