Our Favorite Andy Cohen 'WWHL' Moments

It's a good day to be Andy Cohen. Not only is June 2, 2014, the Watch What Happens Live host's 46th birthday, it's also the day in which the public learned that Cohen has a new show, I Slept With a Celebrity , in the works. On Monday afternoon, it was revealed that the self-explanatory series will be produced by Cohen, and that it's currently being shopped around the networks.

In anyone else's hands, a show with a premise like that could be a total disaster, but with Cohen at the helm, we have faith that I Slept With a Celebrity will be must-see TV this time next year. Anyone who's seen even one episode of Watch What Happens Live knows that the host adores all things pop culture, especially when celebrity gossip is involved; chances are, he'll ensure that his new series is high on the entertainment, low on the stupidity. And if not? Well, we'll always have Watch What Happens Live, the best non-Housewives show that Bravo's ever offered. In honor of Cohen's crazy day, a look back at our six favorite WWHL moments from over the years:

Letting Billy Eichner Meet Meryl Streep

Normally, it's adorable when celebrities meet other celebrities; there's gushing, there's flattery, there's "oh my god, you actually know who I am?" Not when Billy Eichner met Meryl Streep. The Billy on the Street host has long had a huge obsession with the Oscar winner, and in 2012, he got the chance to meet her while on Watch What Happens Live. Let's just say Streep was glad to have a bar between them.

Doing the Parent Trap handshake with Lindsay Lohan

Back in April, Cohen got to live out every '90s kid's dream when he performed the famous Parent Trap handshake with none other than Hallie Parker/Annie James herself (themselves?), Lindsay Lohan. He may have struggled a bit in mastering the moves, but by the end of the segment, he'd gotten them down — and made us all very, very jealous.

Hanging Out With Lord Voldemort

Unfortunately, there's no video of the Dark Lord himself appearing on the show, just a pajamas-clad Ralph Fiennes chatting up Cohen after the fact. Those who tuned in to the 2012 show, though, saw a Potter-dressed Fiennes show up as his famed character, wand and all. Oh, and he read erotic fan fiction. What more could viewers want?

Living Out Our FNL Dreams With Connie Britton

One of the reasons we love Cohen so is because he's just as much of a pop culture fan as his viewers, and he's not afraid to show it — especially when Friday Night Lights is involved. Cohen is a hug e FNL fan, and when his dream guest, Connie Britton, appeared on the show, he understandably freaked out. He made her reenact scenes from the series, talk sex scenes with Kyle Chandler, and spill details about the possibility of a movie. It was amazing.

Revealing Stoner Susan Sarandon

"Plead the fifth" is always one of the best parts of Cohen's shows, because you never know what secrets celebrities are going to spill — such as Susan Sarandon's admission that she was stoned at nearly every awards show she's attended. Who knew?

Getting Tia and Tamara Mowry to Sing "Sister, Sister"

Perhaps Cohen is secretly a '90s tween girl inside, because one by one, he's satisfying all of our oldest pop culture wishes. Between The Parent Trap handshake and the time he got Tia and Tamara Mowry to perform the theme song to Sister, Sister , Cohen has helped make so many of our dreams come true; what's next, re-enacting Matilda scenes with Mara Wilson?