After JWoww's TMZ Feud, The 'Jersey Shore' Star Looks Stunning At Her Baby Shower

JWOWW has certainly come a long way since Jersey Shore. On Monday, she caught our eye by posting photos on Twitter of her baby shower that took place over the weekend — and she looks seriously stunning. The soon-to-be mommy was photographed in a lace-covered baby doll dress, with glowing skin, a sleek pony, and drop earrings for just the right mount of bling. JWOWW is clearly feeling confident, sassy and empowered, despite recent, random hate from TMZ that resulted in a brief Twitter feud. Try saying she looks like Lil Kim (the weirdest insult on the planet, by the way) now, tabloids!

Jersey Shore costars Sammi, Snooki, and Deena were all in attendance, as well as a slew of JWOWW's other friends. The reunion left us with a photo of the four Jersey Shore women looking mature, happy and healthy — there's not a drop of Ed Hardy apparel in sight!

Though JWOWW had quite the scare earlier this year when she thought there might be some complications with her pregnancy, she always has her best friend Snooki, who is also pregnant, to depend on for advice.

The two apparently text each other constantly throughout the process, comparing experiences and finding comfort in someone else experiencing the wild ride of pregnancy.

Glad to see Jwoww's not listening to the haters, and just going along being as lovely as can be. She always was the level-headed one in the shore house.

Images: snookinic/Instagram; Tumblr