Amanda Seyfried Raps & Tries to Beat 'Les Mis' Co-Star Hugh Jackman's Skills — VIDEO

It seems almost inevitable sometimes: At some point during their endless parade of press tours, red carpet events, radio interviews, and talk show appearances, all game celebrities will rap. And so it is that Amanda Seyfried showed off her rapping...skills? I guess you could call them skills?

Seyfried, who's currently making the rounds promoting A Million Ways To Die In The West, dropped by BBC Radio's 1xtra with the film's director and star, Seth MacFarlane. The DJ played them a bit of Hugh Jackman's turn rapping on the show, and Seyfried's face immediately turned competitive. MacFarlane laughed it off ("Hey that's something, he can talk while drums are playing!"), but Seyfried immediately took it upon herself to show him up. And so she took it upon herself to re-do the rap she apparently karaoked with Anne Hathaway back during Les Mis filming.

So does she beat Jackman? Honestly, We'regonna have to say no on that one. We were all primed for a powerhouse performance, but Seyfried could hardly remember the words, let alone beat Wolverine. In fact, Seyfried's take on rapping here is pretty much the whitest thing I've seen all day. Which we don't mean as an insult (Iggy Azalea and Eminem are both around to prove white people can rap) but is just to say that not all press tour party tricks are created equal. Getting the super-white starlets to rap in public will not always go your way.

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To her credit, she did slightly better rapping on Ellen:

cautillok52832 on YouTube

That said, Anne Hathaway knows how to rock it:

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