David Beckham's Documentary 'Into the Unknown' Looks Exactly Like a Horror Movie

Just in time for the soccer (excuse me, football) madness that is about to descend upon Brazil for the World Cup comes the David Beckham documentary Into the Unknown . Cue the vuvuzelas.The 90-minute Showtime special follows the soccer superstar/underwear model/likely sex robot as he traverses through the rainforests of Manaus. In the trailer, Beckham opens up about the isolation he feels in his fame. We find that riding motorcycles and going incognito through such unchartered lands help Beckham feel anonymous. It is escapism in perhaps the most extreme form.

You can tune in Friday June 13th to catch Beckham in raw, gritty form. Stripped of hair products, indoor plumbing, and dare we say it...soccer, Becks is not the posh mega-celeb most would find him to be. You had us at David Beckham, Showtime. But David Beckham covered in mud and bailing out sinking boats? Yep, we're sold.

The trailer for Into the Unknown also has all the trappings of a Summer horror flick. Handsome lead? Check. Lots of shaky cameras? Check check? SNAKES? Checkity, check check. Peril in a rainforest ALONE? Guuuhhhh CHECK. Seriously, did he escape off the set of Indigenous or something?

All of the gigantic spiders that will haunt your dreams aside, David Beckham Into the Unknown is a must-see for your Summer TV list.

Watch and try not to be too scared off: