This Show Is So Money

While I watched the Ladies of London series premiere, I kept imagining Vince Vaughn's character from Swingers dancing on top of a diner table and saying, "You all are swimming in money and you totally know it." The Ladies are so rich and fancy and classy and they KNOW IT. My god, do they know it. And I absolutely love it. No shame in their game. One of the Ladies has a hamper of tea and crumpets delivered to her in the park. I had to fan myself. I sound like Shoshanna Shapiro, but hey. I'm living for the LoL glamour.

During Monday night's episode, we meet Team Brit (Annabelle Neilson, Caroline Stanbury, Caprice Bourret) and Team Yankee (Juliet Angus, Noelle Reno, and Marissa Hermer). (Yes, Caprice is an expat, but she's part of the Brit crew.) The cast gets together at Polo in the Park, introductions are exchanged, and aside from a few side eyes and snarky comments (e.g., Team Brit's observations about Team Yankee's wardrobe choices, Annabelle remarking that the members of Team Yankee remind her of dogs, et cetera), it is fairly civil. Civil?!?!?!? Does that mean this show will be boring?

Heck no. Two things I learned from the first ep: 1) "A hamper" is a picnic basket, and 2) the LoL cast is the opposite of boring. They're funny, they live in bonkers-amazing homes, they're wealthy, they're in the tabloids, they can throw shady polite-shade, and they say terrific shit. I'm all in.

The best Quotes from the LoL Premiere:

CAPRICE: What was it like being a sex symbol in this country? It was fucking brilliant.Bow down snitches.

This exchange between Caprice & Caroline:"I think [Polo in the Park] will be better than the Cartier one.”“Is it relaxed? Can you go in jeans?“No.”I can't relate to this on any level, but I appreciate it with all of my might.

ANNABELLE: When I walk in a room, I think people think, Oh, shit. It’s Annabelle.I am all about that life.

MARISSA: When you go out with Juliet, you buy tickets to The Juliet Show. Sometimes, it’s a bit too much for some Brits.I hope this is foreshadowing. I hope The Juliet Show happens on LoL and it's as overwhelming as Marissa promises. I want my money's worth.

JULIET: My kids have little British accents. It’s just annoying. I’m as American as they come.Oh. Okay.

ANNABELLE:You don’t wear hats to polo.But there's so much sunshine!

ANNABELLE: The Americans are dressed like they’re going to have tea at Buckingham Palace, not like they’re going to a polo match.I hope Annabelle mocks wardrobe choices all season.

CAROLINE RE: NOELLE'S HAT: You look so… smart.I love Caroline.

CAROLINE RE: NOELLE'S OUTFIT: This outfit is sort of wasted here.I really, really love Caroline.

NOELLE: Polo is guys on horses hitting a ball back and forth on a field. I don’t get it.Hey, Noelle? You and me both, sister.

CAROLINE: It Britain, we aren't meant to get that excited about things, or at least show your excitement. Look, this is me excited now. You don't know.I really, really, really love Caroline. And I really, really, really love this show already.

Image: Bravo