This Woman Was Alexander McQueen's Muse

Ace. Blimey. Twit. Bloody. Sloshed. Prat. Bollucks. Bugger. Cheeky. Wanker. Sod. Codswallop. Row. Shag. Git. Crikey. Bravo is finally ready to lead us all on a trip across the pond to take a gander at how the Europeans do drama on the premiere season of Ladies of London , and I've got my fingers crossed that it will be full of hysterical British slang. And with the exception of the amount of tea and biscuits that will undoubtedly be consumed, I also hope that this posh version of Real Housewives will be just as catty and wonderful as the reality shows I've come to love. But really, how could this not be great? Drama plus British accents is everything I could ever ask for and more. (Anyone else desperately want it to just be a show about six Lisa Vanderpumps?)

Well, if there's anyone in the LoL cast that is going to bring the British couth (with a side of heavy biting one-liners), it's going to be model and socialite Annabelle Neilson, who has garnered quite the reputation in London. From her short stint as the wife of Nat Rothschild, a member of the extremely prominent Rothschild family, to her partying ways with A-list celebrities, Neilson is going to be the loose-cannon to watch out for this season. Plus, her Bravo bio says she believes in aliens and ghosts, so that's fantastic.

She's got steep competition, but here's why Neilson might just be your new favorite Lady of London:

1. She was Alexander McQueen's muse and best friend.

They used to celebrate their birthdays by going "to the Maldives or the Alps or [swimming] with the dolphins in Thailand." She's currently penning a novel on her friendship with the late McQueen.

2. She's besties with Kate Moss.

Both women fell into the same social circle while they were modeling (thanks to McQueen, no doubt), and they became close friends. Neilson is also known to socialize with Jude Law, Naomi Campbell, and Richard Branson. (Yeah, I'm never going to be invited to one of their parties.)

3. She takes pics with Cara Delevingne.*

*But that's only true if that's actually Delevigne. (It definitely could be her because Delevigne has been known to hangout — and share kisses — with Sienna Miller, who is also friends with Neilson.)

4. She's actually from England (unlike everyone else on this show).

She was born into a wealthy, aristocratic family and grew up in South London. This is only important because, as it happens, most of the ladies on the show are actually from America.

5. She's an author.

Along with potentially having written Angry Me (Amazon definitely isn't selling it), she's also the author of On the Pond , a book about birds. And then there's the aforementioned book about McQueen.

6. Her favorite accessory might just be her heart sunglasses.

Because she has an obscene amount of pictures of her wearing them.

7. She's great at naming horses.

According to her Instagram, the horses she rides have some fantastic names: Mr. Fickle and Mischief.

8. She has a lot of fun nicknames that only English people would have.

Somewhere. In the world a bat is having dinner....

Some of them include Tinkerbelle, Bitbull, and Bat. (I just really want to know why people call her "Bat.")

Images: Bravo; annabelleneilson1/Instagram (8)