Miley Cyrus MTV Documentary Coming Out — What Can We Expect?

Just in time for her take over of the universe, MTV is releasing a Miley Cyrus documentary on her life, and as far as we can tell, it's gonna be a whole bag of tricks. From the clip released, we can gather that there will be guests talking about Miley (like Pharrell), as well as tricked out planes, cars and outfits. But what will we actually be learning or seeing that we haven't seen before?

Other than watching Miley slightly alter the lyrics of her hit single "We Can't Stop" to pertain to boarding her private jet, the clip offered no new Miley, none of the grown-up "I don't give a fuck"-ness that she has been professing since she cut her hair. And that's kind of what we're looking for.

Personally, I wish Miley, MTV or both of them would have the honesty to show her doing drugs. She keeps bringing up how she does them like it makes her some kind of adult, so give us the truth here and show it. Additionally, in the almost 4 minutes of footage, she managed to repeat herself so thoroughly that I actually checked to make sure I hadn't skipped back by accident. If that, and the blatant self praise ain't a sign of a little too much "dancing with molly", I don't know what is.

It's fair that Miley Cyrus probably does work insanely hard, god knows she works insanely hard on her body, but other than seeing her private jet and that chick with the two-tone hair, it seems a little unclear what we're tuning in for here. Listening to Miley tell us how she kinda doesn't care about pleasing anyone but herself? Um ... sweet bro.

If the clip is all that the Miley doc is selling, I sure as hell ain't buying. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how much of the real Miley Cyrus we get when the doc hits MTV this fall.