Limp Bizkit Wants You to Buy Their Tape

Fred Durst may have claimed that he did it all for the nookie, but it looks like he really did it all for the not-particularly-desired comeback. Limp Bizkit is releasing a new single because apparently their rein in 1999 just wasn't enough for them. But wait! Is it 1985? Because the band is actually releasing their new single on a cassette tape, which is not only bizarre, but also really inconvenient for anyone who actually wants to listen to Bizkit's new track.

This isn't the first time the group has tried to undergo a Bizkit renaissance, though. In 2013, the group released a track called "Ready to Go" with Lil Wayne in an attempt to revoke frontman-slash-amateur porn-star Fred Durst's 2012 statement that the band was just a "moment in time." (What, like you didn't think "Nookie" would endure the test of time?) But this comeback — which includes a tour with one U.S. date — is different.

Limp Bizkit wants to do something for you, dear listener. When you hear their new song, they want it to stand out from your average iPhone-Spotify-iTunes listening experience. Further, they're calling "Endless Slaughter" from their new LP Stampede of The Disco Elephants an "experience." And you know what? That's a pretty apt description — it is an experience, after all, to go on Craigslist and try to find a tape player, and then you also have the experience of meeting said person you purchased a tape player from. And then there's also the experience of making a copy for your friend and having to wait the whole time — so difficult! Definitely an experience.

The group announced this to their fans via their Facebook page with a nice little note that read as follows:

ENDLESS SLAUGHTER is the first "experience" from our new album STAMPEDE OF THE DISCO ELEPHANTS and will be available only on CASSETTE in about two weeks or so. Plus, these lovely collectibles will be sold only at our concerts. I'd suggest finding one of your oldest of old school friends to supply the cassette deck equipped BOOM BOX for your analogue listening pleasure. No rules. No limits. Love you!LBLimp Bizkit

No rules. No limits. Except, you know, the limits of cassette players.